Is The Soul Male or Female?

I have heard many talk about the concept of divine feminine and divine masculine. From what I have discerned; they are talking about the emotional body (feminine) becoming a vehicle of one’s enlightenment and the etheric self (masculine) becoming a vehicle of enlightenment. I think all those that are at least somewhat enlightened, would agree that, in order to achieve any sense of balance; we all need to be in tune with our emotional and etheric bodies. So why would anyone think that the soul (I am defining it as the totality of the self) would be male or female? It is neither.

Male and female concepts were put into place long ago in order to allow the self to have differing experiences when they incarnated here on earth. I do not know anyone that remembers past lives who feels that they only ever incarnated as male or female. All have experiences of both. Choosing to resonate with what is considered to be male or female energy space within a given society, allows one to experience and learn what it is they came here to learn in a given lifetime. There are times that one can choose to resonate with a male or female energy that is in seeming opposition to the body they were born in. When this happens in a way that is profound: it causes an identity crisis and we have what we are currently calling a transgender person.

It is important to understand that these energies only exist to serve our expansion.  To allow oneself to be trapped in the illusion of male/female keeps us in a space of separation from others and does not help us to expand our awareness to the feeling of oneness.  If we are to truly become our authentic selves and thereby achieve self love; we must have an intimate understanding that we are neither male or female. They are simply roles we are playing in this lifetime to live out what we came here to learn. That at our core; we are not a man or woman. We are a divine creation. We are source energy and therefore the energy that is us, vibrates at a frequency that encompasses the entirety of all (the oneness). We must vibrate within that essence to become the embodiment of love because love is the feeling of being in tune with all that is. It is God or source.
We must work on healing the emotional body because it is our power and strength. It does not matter which body or energy essence we came in with. We must also learn to attune ourselves with our etheric body to better understand who we are as part of the divine. Always remember that the three main parts of the self as it exists on earth are the emotional body, etheric body and physical body. They must all be in alignment in order to find self love because to love oneself means to love the whole self. If we are looking to others to connect with in order to experience the masculine or feminine, we are denying the self. We must go within to find this. To find who we are; in order to love the total self. The self that knows no male or female energy as the truth of being whole.

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