Free Will

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time during the holidays. I have been busy consulting and helping many as well as enjoying some of the festivities. So many speak of God, the universe, the light, Christ consciousness, etc, during this time of the year. However; what I have been running into during this time is the lack of understanding of free will. Many express that they feel that free will is a truth or a law but in the next breath they tell me they are handing over their will to some unseen force that they call by many names. This flies in the face of the law of free will. I can understand why so much confusion happens when considering free will. After all, the way this works can be somewhat paradoxical. Please allow me to explain the essence of how it works.

We must first understand that everything in our lives is a choice. Whether it is conscious or not, we choose everything that happens in our realities. If nobody was choosing to align with a particular energy then it could not exist. So, the reason that things like war, poverty, hunger and the like exist, is because there are those that are in alignment with them. Conversely; love and abundance exist because there are those that choose to align with these things. So why would someone choose to align with things that are painful? Because they are seeking to learn from them. There are as many ways to learn something as there are people but it’s all a choice. It’s how we choose to learn from what exists. We came here to learn and in choosing this planet at this time, we choose to align with the energies that exist here: to use them for growth. For our own growth as well as the collective growth of source energy (what some call God or universal energy). We make decisions every second of our day. Each decision has an effect on our realities as well as those that are somehow aligned with our energies. Everyone is making these decisions at all times and nobody or nothing has any power over us that we don’t choose to give it. By saying we are giving something to God or the universe we are saying that we are giving away our personal power to everyone and everything else. This is very dis-empowering and flies in the face of self-love.

This does not mean we cannot learn from others or ask source energy for guidance. This is extremely useful. Seeking knowledge and asking for help is crucial. How else can we learn? However; when we do this,  we must do it from a place of self-empowerment. With a knowing that it is our right as divine beings to find our truth. To learn, grow and find our authentic selves. “Ask and ye shall receive” does not simply apply to materialistic things. It is much more than that. The part that gets left out of this is that we must actually ask. We must ask with the confidence to know that we will receive the answer. The answer that is appropriate for us at a given time to move us forward into self-love. Source does always have the answer. Not because it is superior to us but because it is us. It is a collective and the collective is learning and growing. So source is learning along with us. Someone somewhere has the answer or the answer is being created. There is no one that can know the exact future because the future is not yet written. Source does not know what it is but options do exist based on the energies that already exist. So, someone can know of the options and be able to determine the most likely outcome based on the energies that are present by being able to tap into the collective consciousness. However; that can always be changed. It can be changed by the individual and the collective because of the nature of free will. Because of the nature of free will, nothing is impossible!!  All things are plausible. We must seek the answers as to how to achieve what it is that we want. We must listen intently to the self. All things being the self; the answers that come are always from the self. That is the nature of oneness.

I write this because I see far too many giving away their divinity through giving away the most precious gift of all. The gift of free will. Giving this gift up is causing so many to give away their personal power and with it, the ability to change themselves and therefore this planet. As we awaken to this we awaken to our own divinity and self-love. As we take our place in this world and own our birth rights, we change the world, one individual at a time. The more of us that become self-empowered; the more others have access to this knowledge and energy and it becomes a huge domino effect. Ripples of empowerment and self love are sent out into the universe to be received.  Remember to love yourself enough to never give the beautiful gift of free will away.

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